Simple Buying Process

Whether you are wanting a Quick Move-in Ready home or Build a Home from the ground up, our highly trained New Home Specialists are well skilled in helping people just like you through the process of purchasing your new home. When you purchase a home with us we equip you with information about the area and the community, so you feel confident that this is a place you want to call home. Numerous floor plans and elevations are available, and we provide complete upfront pricing with many upgrades already included. Our Build from the ground up process is outlined below. What ever you decide call us today so we can help you find your dream home. 


We’ll begin by submitting our plans to the city for approval. Kingdom Homes has got this covered!

Pre-Construction Meeting

Your Construction Manager is excited to discuss the homebuilding process details with you and answer any questions you might have.

Prepping Your Lot

We’re preparing your lot for its foundation and pouring the slab to start things off right.


As we move to framing, adding the cornice, and setting up the roof, your construction manager will be right there to guide you through the process.

Setting the Stage

We’ll run all the essential wires and pipes and install the HVAC system’s ductwork. It’s all coming together!


Before we put up the sheetrock, you’ll have a sit-down with your construction manager to review the details of your home.

Sealing the Deal

Insulating and sealing your home keeps you comfy and saves you a bundle on heating and cooling.

Adding Personality

Now’s when your home really starts to show its colors, with all the interior finishes and paint going up.

The Finishing Touches

Your chosen tiles and countertops for the kitchen and bath are up next, making those spaces uniquely yours.

Exterior Elegance

With the brick, stone, and stucco in place, your home’s curb appeal will be nothing short of stunning.

Wrapping Up Outside

We’re putting those final exterior and landscaping touches on your lot.

Brightening Your Home

All those lovely faucets, sinks, and lights you picked out? They’re getting installed now.

Laying the Groundwork

Once the flooring is in, you’ll really start to see your home come to life.

The Final Coat

We’re doing a final paint job and cleaning everything up for the big reveal.

The Final Inspection

Your construction manager and the city will do their final walkthroughs to ensure everything’s perfect.

Welcome Home!

It’s time to get acquainted with your new home. Your construction manager will show you the details.

Client Testimonials



My neighborhood is conveniently located to downtown Lindale, Tyler, and the Interstate. I really enjoy the community and I have lots of friends here.  I have had peace of mind living here for six years. As far as I know, there’s not been any crime in the community and that makes me feel safe. My floor plan is perfect with the bedroom off the main living room. When family comes to visit or I have friends stay, we’re able to enjoy the entire house. I couldn’t ask for a better built home and my utility costs are very reasonable. I love having a fireplace!

Sally S.



I love that the granite is on ALL the countertops – even the bathrooms! I love the added insulation in some of the interior wall. It cuts down on noise to the point I can’t hear people in the other rooms in the house. Also, my electric bills are extremely low due to the overall efficiency of the home. I just love the fireplace too; it heats up my entire house! The extra tall ceilings throughout make all the rooms feel larger and more spacious. Overall, my home is well built.

Wendy C.



I enjoy walking my dog on the sidewalks and around our beautiful community. The long entrance full of beautiful flowers into the community is one of the reasons we wanted to live here. I’m so excited about the dog park we will have soon! I really like the cabinetry design in my kitchen. I enjoy looking out at all the trees through my many windows in the living and dining rooms. The fireplace and kitchen island make my home feel cozy. This was definitely the right house for us.

Julia W.



The reason we bought at Kingdom Homes was the overall quality and we wanted a move-in ready home. Kingdom Homes has the front and backyards landscaped with sprinklers! This meant a lot to us as we have a dog. We downsized and we were so thrilled we didn’t have to sacrifice quality and features in a smaller home. We like our community because it is quiet and peaceful! The front entrance looks great and sidewalks are a great addition. After we moved in, we had an incident with our bathroom sink and the responsiveness of the builder was absolutely fantastic. A plumber was out in 24 hours and had it fixed.

Katherine R.



I love the elevation of my entire house and that it is single level. A really nice feature I often enjoy is my back patio. I love my backyard! The HOA here is nice to deal with. I look forward to many more years here.

Mark H.

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